Your Trash is My Treasure

Linda Hachim

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Thrift shopping has been my go-to hobby for about a year now; I enjoy it because I can find pieces that make my wardrobe one of a kind (and not to mention eco-friendly). The thrill of going through someone else’s “trash” to find my new treasure keeps me coming back week after week. I love being able to mix and match the inexpensive articles with the brand-name designer pieces and the old with the new! 

Me at my favorite thrift shop in Orange County: DeeLux

Here are some of my tips if you’re new to thrifting:

1. Look through everything. I mean everything! You might miss the next staple to your closet if you don’t look through it all.

2. Find something unique. If you can find it at the mall or in your friend’s closet, ditch it! The whole point of thrifting is being able to find something totally one-of-a-kind that you know no one else will have. Going vintage is always a great way to ensure that your piece is unique to you.

3. Approach thrifting with an open mind. If you even remotely like it, try it on – sometimes, you don’t realize the potential in an article of clothing until you see yourself in the mirror. Try thinking of what you already own that can be styled with it!

4. Be patient. Thrifting takes patience. Not every trip will be successful and not everything will be right for you. But sometimes, you’ll be lucky and stumble upon the perfect piece, and really, that’s the beauty of thrifting! It can take a lot of time and work, but it is definitely worth the search.

But most of all, remember to have fun! The greatest part about thrifting is that there will always be something new (or old) to find with each trip. You never know what you’re going to discover!


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