Tips For Staying Busy During Quarantine

Audrey McGuff

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With social distancing and stay-at-home orders, it can often be hard to keep busy and stay motivated. To help you through this, here’s a list of fun activities to do at home and at a safe distance from other people!

  • Expand your horizons – Take advantage of your time at home and learn a new skill or discover a hidden talent, such as trying out a new hairstyle or painting your own nails.
  • Experiment with a recipe – Discover a new recipe on Pinterest and cook for your family, or make creative snacks such as stovetop smores.
  • Revisit a hobby – Painting on a canvas or practicing a musical instrument is just a start. Feel free to pick up your favorite book series and reread it for yourself. 
  • Spend time with your family and pets – In the company of your parents or siblings, a great way to safely hang out is to play board games, make a puzzle and go on walks around your community. Enjoy the comfort of cuddling with your pets at home. 
  • Spring cleaning – Out with the old and in with the new! Spring has arrived and with the new season, it’s time to organize your room, clean out your closet and come up with cute outfits for when we head back to school.
  • Work out – Although sport seasons are on hold, you can run around your community, look up quick ab workouts, and stretch to stay in shape until the season starts back up. 
  • Edit your photo album – Look through some of your favorite memories on your phone with friends or from memorable trips. Remind yourself that you’re staying inside so that you can continue exploring with others after quarantine. 
  • At home photoshoots – Put on a cute outfit, enjoy the sunshine and have a sibling or family member take pictures of you around the house or in your backyard. 
  • Online shopping – Check out new spring fashion trends this year like pastel colors, shirts with puff sleeves, and floral dresses. Recently, there have been amazing sales online!
  • Try new crafts – Explore your creativity by checking out social media for new DIY projects. If you have old magazines, cut out images to make a collage of your goals or things you admire.
  • Selfcare – Try yoga or meditation for the first time! Also, an at home spa day is a great way to take time to focus on yourself to achieve a fresher version of you. Plus face masks and a manicure is always relaxing.
  • Support your local businesses – Order takeout from your favorite neighborhood restaurants and make sure to tip any delivery people who swing by your house. The service industry is suffering, and many mom and pop shops are worried they cannot survive until the end of the pandemic. Do your part in keeping local businesses alive!
  • Stay in touch with friends and family – Connect with your friends over group Facetime calls or Netflix parties. Make sure to reach out to people you haven’t heard from in a while because we are all going through this quarantine together. Send letters to your grandparents and reach out to your relatives who live far away. 
  • Stay in touch with nature – Wander outside on walks around your community, sit outside and read a book, or paint the scenery around you. 


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