How to Stay Active While Staying At Home

Jamie Goldin

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During this pandemic, it is completely normal to feel stressed and anxious. You may even feel constricted to sitting in one spot. While taking time to relax is crucial, maintaining all aspects of self-care is also important. It can be hard enough to exercise when we are not stuck inside our homes, but I can assure you that there are many ways to keep your body moving during this time!

Exercise really only requires one thing: the right mindset. Start with thinking about all the benefits of exercise. When you exercise, your body releases chemical hormones called endorphins, which are known to relieve stress. Furthermore, exercising can also help with focusing and sleep. Finding a time to exercise each day can help us to stay balanced and healthy during this quarantine.

Some of you may not have your own workout equipment at home, but really, that is no problem at all! If you are looking to do a cardio workout, you can try jumping jacks or going for a run in your neighborhood as long as you maintain social distancing. If you prefer lower-body workouts, do squats or lunges, and if you are like me and enjoy less intense workouts, give yoga a go. As long as you are on a flat and comfortable surface, you do not need a yoga mat. You can try positions such as downward dog and child’s pose. Yoga is great for increasing your flexibility and building lean muscle. Lastly, if you want some laid back exercise, you can always go for a simple walk (again, as long as you make sure to keep at least 6 feet away from others).

There are also great online sources and Youtube videos to follow for awesome workout routines and yoga sessions at home. Many fitness companies and gyms are even offering free online workout classes now. For one, Planet Fitness has begun live streaming their 20 minute workout sessions on Facebook at 4 p.m. (PST) everyday. Sometimes, following an instructor or watching an exercise video can help guide you throughout the duration of your workout.

And remember: you do not have to workout alone! Ask one of your family members to join you or Facetime a friend. Just have fun with it! Working out with someone else can be very motivating and just more enjoyable overall. 

Lastly, remember that exercise does not have to be about getting in perfect shape or losing weight; it’s simply a fun, healthy activity to enjoy whenever you want and to help pass the time. No matter how or when you exercise, it is key in maintaining an active, balanced lifestyle.


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