Colors For Fall

Darcy Chung

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Mustard yellow seems to be every designer’s favorite color this fall season. From the casual plaid garments of Michael Kors to the luxurious evening wear from Bottega Veneta, this hue took over New York Fashion Week. This hue caught the attention of supermodels and street-style icons alike. A bright mustard garment can help you stand out in these gloomier months of the year while still pairing perfectly with a lot of other common fall neutrals like earthy tones of beige, blue, and cream.


Runway designers have moved on from the young and sweet millennial pink of this past spring and summer seasons to the more subtle blush pink hue for this fall. This color goes well with light and dark denim, suede, and all shades of white. It is the perfect balance between a pop of color and a versatile neutral!


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