Fall Makeup Trends

Nicole Harvey

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Shadow: Pinks

Using a pink color on the center of the eyelid and blending the color out into the crease of the eyelid with a subtle orange color can create the perfect eyeshadow look for fall. Finish off this peachy look with a shimmery shadow applied to the base of the eyelid for a bright finish or with a gloss for a glowy finish.

Liner: Geometric Shapes

Add another dimension to your traditional eyeliner look by lining the cease of your eyelid. Connecting your winged base line and your crease line can elevate your look and add drama and definition to your eyes

Full Face: No Makeup Makeup

Applying a subtle layer of bronzer directly under the cheekbones over a base coat of lightweight foundation can give your complexion a sun-kissed, glowy look during these colder autumn months as well as provide a natural-looking contour. Pair that bronzer with a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks. Tie this look together with a simple brow pencil and a swipe of mascara.

Hair: Loose Curls and Top Braids

By using a French braid to pull back the front of your hair, you can highlight the shape and features of your face. Then, you can use a 2 inch curling iron or wand to style the bottom half of your hair with round curls that frame your face and provide an overall soft, feminine look for this fall.

Lips: Matte Nude Lip

A matte nude lip will perfectly finish off your makeup look this fall season. Don’t forget to line your lips before applying your lipstick though. A nice nude lip liner will make the outline of your lips look cleaner and will emphasize their natural shape.


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