Um, Did I Ask?

Nicole Harvey

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“You don’t need to wear makeup. You are prettier without it.”

“You wear too much makeup. Your face looks too cakey.”

“Really, you are going to wear that much makeup out today?”

It seems like every time I walk out the door with a bold makeup look people feel the need to comment on it, but my question is, “Did I ask?” And the simple answer is, “No I didn’t.”

I know that when people say these things to me, they are trying to give me the confidence to love my own skin and feel beautiful enough to be natural, but frankly, I don’t need their advice or their approval. I am not wearing makeup because I feel insecure about my appearance; I am wearing makeup for me, and me alone.

Makeup makes me feel confident and gives me an outlet for self-expression. I am very comfortable in my own body and skin—every day at school I go makeup free—and I do not need people to tell me what I should and should not be wearing just because they do not agree with it. On weekends you can find me rocking sunset eyeshadow (which ranges from bright blue to yellow), neon green eyes, purple eyeliners, or even a cherry red lip. Many people criticize my makeup choices and try to convince me to take it off, but I never do because the makeup I wear is for me. It is to boost my own self-confidence and not to please those around me. My philosophy is if makeup makes you feel more confident in your own skin, then wear it! Who cares what anybody else thinks?

Makeup in its own sense, is an art form—at least in my opinion. Whenever I am trying out a new look, it is a way for me to express my own sense of style beyond my clothing choices. For me, wearing makeup allows me to truly be myself. My pigmented eyeshadows, eyeliners, or lipsticks are just another way for me to showcase my bold personality to the world. If crazy out-of-the-box makeup looks are not your style, then don’t do it. But still, instead of harshly judging what other people decide to wear, try to appreciate the artistry that goes into another’s beauty look and celebrate the confidence they feel because of their makeup routine.


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