About Us

Flare is our way to empower the girls in our high school community. We decided to start Flare Magazine during the summer after our sophomore year at Sage Hill School. We’ve both had an interest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle since a young age, and we wanted to create a magazine for the girls at our school to relate to and to learn from. In our magazine, we discuss a range of topics from the hottest fall trends to the social impact of the Me Too movement. Our goal is to have girls discover their own personal style and their own unique voice. Many people in this day and age still do not recognize the opinions and insight that teenage girls bring to the table, and we are here to prove them wrong. Currently, we have over 70 girls (a quarter of our school’s female population) working on Flare, and the positive reception we’ve received already this year is overwhelming. We cannot wait for all the adventures to come!



Darcy and Linda

“We, as girls, must have the courage to raise our voices and change the world.”


“To me, girls empowerment is about gaining the confidence to follow your dreams.”